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Glass, aluminum and stainless steel systems.
Sales, production, design, installation.


We are open to fulfilling your ideas. Together we will find the most optimal solution, we will offer high quality and a competitive price.

“GRS Industry” was born thanks to the experience accumulated in Lithuania and Scandinavian countries since 2003. Today, the company can offer you glass and stainless steel, aluminum and wood systems. Their main component is tempered glass, which is perfect for terraces, balconies and stair railings, canopies and glass and metal systems will give your home or commercial building a modern, aesthetic look, and most importantly, durability.

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We sell, manufacture, design, install various glass, aluminum and stainless steel systems, such as: stair and balcony railings; French balconies; canopies; partition; stainless steel elements; we perform frameless glazing.


Stair railings


Balcony railings


Framless glazing


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